Monday, October 17, 2011

Anyone got a Street Team?? I do!!

I am so super excited about this!!!!!!

I heard about a Street Team a while back and thought it sounded like something cool to do. Something new....a different way to reach readers. So I gave it some thought, and through the wonderful Facebook, I knew I had an easy way to contact friends who lived all over the country. So I set to work contacting them! And I put together a small group of friends- 6 women- representing CA, MA, FL, TX, MO, and OK. So excited to get started!!

I ordered a bunch of promotional materials- postcards, rack cards, magnets, stickers- all inexpensive or free (LOVE Vistaprint!). Waiting for those to arrive and then I will send them off to my friends to distribute to their friends and family, hand out to coworkers, tack up on community boards and at the library. I put together a press release too, so they'll be getting those to take into book stores.

And in exchange for their help, each will get a signed copy of my book and in the future, if they would like to continue helping me out, will receive advance copies of my books and other fun stuff.

Has anyone else done a Street Team?? What are you doing? Any advice???

And before you click away....DEFINITELY go check out Shannon Messenger's AWESOME giveaway to celebrate her book deal!!

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  1. Ya know, I know somebody who could put out the word in CO for you...