Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What makes you happy??? Here is what makes me happy!

A HUGE thanks to Dawn Simon at Plotting and Scheming for honoring me with this award!!!!! Check her out!!!

So now, without further ado, my list of 10 things that make me truly, utterly, head over heels happy (in no particular order...just randomly as they pop into my head):

#1: My husband, who has been incredibly supportive in this literary journey I have embarked on...way more supportive than he was when I had my floral business...which to this day still puzzles me since the flower thing actually did bring in cash..... But anyway, he spoils me and gives me the freedom to create.

#2: My kids, who never cease to put a smile on my face. Well, no, that's a lie. I do not smile when my daughter gets in her little almost 7 attitude or when my son acts like the little devil he can be.

#3: My forthcoming novel, A Bitch Named Karma. I am doing a full read through after this second round of copy edits before I send it back to my editor...and let me tell you...I am still soooooooooooo in love with this story!!!

#4: Walt Disney World. I cannot help it. I LOVE that place. We feel so free and relaxed when we're there. We can have fun with the kids and leave all worries at home. I truly feel like I've been whisked away to some magical land! We love it so much, hubby and I are even sneaking away just us for a few days in April!

#5: Scrapbooking. Been so busy the past year that I have hardly had time for it, but I so love it! I have always been a crafty kind of gal, but I found craft perfection when I found scrapbooking. I am very much into pictures and photo albums and combining that with crafting is nirvana for me!!

#6: Dancing. I love to dance. This is my 11th year taking an adult jazz class...we even perform in the yearly recital! I've done ballet and competition classes too...can't do that anymore :( And I'd love to take ballroom lessons if I had the cash...even compete too. That would be so so fun!

#7: Shopping...I can't help it. If I'm sad, buying soemthing totally cheers me up. I love getting new things, especially when I get a bargain!!!!

#8: Food scented body wash and lotion. YUM!!!

#9: Having parents who don't criticize or tell me how I should live my life. (Though dad does get something in every once in a while.) They are such a breath of fresh air when I see how other people's parents are. They're not perfect, but I am very lucky!!

#10: Going out to eat! Though I love to cook...I love going out to different restaurants and trying new things! It's nice to sit back and relax and have someone else have to clean up!

Okay...Now to pick some bloggers to give this award to! You must pass it on to others and post 10 things that make you happy!!

Roni at Fiction Groupie: Love reading your posts and you don't have this award yet!!
Anne at Piedmont Writer: We are so so alike!!
Stephanie Damore: Always love your posts!!


  1. Thanks so much and congrats on receiving it yourself! And I totally agree on the food-scented lotion, lol.

  2. Thank you so much for the award Stephanie. I'm honored that you chose me. We are very much alike. I'll have to seriously think of 10 things that make me happy.

  3. I'm not a big Disney fan, but many of those things also make me happy... shopping, scrapbooking, eating out (as much as I love cooking too, food is a hobby for me :p) and dancing. I did ballet for years when I was a kid and I still miss it! I'm jealous you're taking adult classes, I'd love to do that too. :)

  4. So I posted my list, was I supposed to wait? I couldn't. Sorry. And how do I give this award away? Is there a ceremony or something? Fanfare? I don't know, I've never gotten one before, nor had to give one away.

  5. I love your list--the pictures are great! Your family is adorable! I have awesome parents, too. We're lucky! And the eating out thing...I don't love cooking, though I can keep us alive and well-nourished. I just love to eat food someone else prepared, sit and enjoy my family, and not have to worry about clean up. And the variety is better when we eat out--everyone can order different dishes!

    Congrats on the award and thanks for the shout out!

  6. Great list! I popped over from Dawn's blog to have a nosey :o)

  7. An awesome list. I've only been to Disney World once when I was 16 but would love to go again. However, hubby and I worked (and met) at Kings Island, which is another huge amusement park in Ohio. That was pretty awesome. I still have my dad, three aunts and an uncle, my husband, five children, two grandchildren, and a daughter-in-law, two dogs, and five cats I'm very greatful for. Oh! And news just today that another one of my stories has been accepted.

  8. Thanks to everyone!!!!

    Roni, I just opened some Gingerbread something or other from Bath & Body Works that I got for Christmas...OMG!!!!

    Guinivere, I am so lucky to have my dance class...I think a lot of studios have adult clases, but few actually peform in the recital!

    Anne, lol! No need to wait! All you do it list who you're giving it to in your posta dn then if you want, send them a little message or post on their blog letting them know!

    Dawn, I so agree... eating out is so much more than just eating food..it's relaxing and knowing you can enjoy a meal and not have to jump up and clear the table or plop dishes intot he dishwasher!

    Niki, thanks for stopping in!

    Ashley, never been to King's Island, but definitely heard of it!! Been to Cedar Point a few times though!!

  9. Congratulations on your award!

    I always wanted to be a scrapbooker but I tend to stick to journals. They seem less intimidating for some reason.
    Winged Writer

  10. Scrapbooking can be a daunting task....takes a lot of time. I write all kinds of journals too...I'm all about "preserving my history". LOL! I have a personal journal, a journal for each kid and then a vacation journal that I write in when I'm planning a trip and then update it while I'm there! LOL!