Thursday, November 6, 2014

Reality vs. Fantasy

It's no secret, the romance genre is an escapist genre. I read it because I want to step away from real life and read something fun and exciting and sexy and dramatic...something that gets the blood boiling and the butterflies soaring. I want the fantasy of it.

But I know not all readers want that. I try to keep my characters very real and I'm often told readers want to be BFFs with my characters. That is my goal! They want a story they can relate to, and I want that too.

But I have no issues with putting in a hot sexy man as my hero! LOL!

I've heard from some readers that they like seeing real men in books. I try to make my heroes as real as possible. They sure have tons of flaws! And lately I've been into writing some kinda nerdy guys. But that doesn't mean they're not sexy as hell! Nerdy can be VERY sexy! ;)

But I do tend to lean more toward the heroes with fit sexy bodies. Why? I don't know. The simple answer....they're pretty to look at and envision while I write :)

So here ya go..... some sexy hot guys to get you through your day ;) Enjoy!

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