Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How do you know what's best for you?

In life there any many decisions we have to make. Some on a daily basis. Some are real easy. There's a clear cut best option. But what about the harder things in life? How do you choose?

In my line of work, there are many options for success, but no clear cut perfect way. Which I guess is a good thing. Years ago, the only way to get published was to grab an agent's attention and then have them sell your work to a publisher. In the last decade, since I started my writing journey, things have changed so much. There is no one and only way anymore. So it makes it tougher to know what the right way for you is.

We're all looking for success and happiness. I think we can all get there. It's okay to take different roads. But it sure is hard as hell when you're staring down a path that branches off in about ten different directions. It's real hard to know which one is right for you when you can't see how any of them twist and turn along the way.

No matter what road you take, you have to just jump in, do your best, and go back to the beginning if you need to.


  1. Like everything, you have to jump in and take a chance. Huzzah for you for doing this!

  2. As there is no "one right way," there is no wrong way, either. We are all just making our way through this constantly changing mess of a publication world the very best we know how. "If I'd only known," is a great way to start an essay, but no way to live life, because we CAN'T know until we take the road. :)