Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Everything is bad....m'kay?

Seems every single day I see posts in my Facebook and Twitter feeds talking about something else that is bad for you.

Sugar is bad. Sugar substitutes are bad.

Milk is bad, unless it's hormone free.

Gluten is bad.

Carbs are bad.

Fried foods are bad.

Any and all packaged processed foods are bad.

Red meat is bad. Meat fed with the wrong food is bad.

Even vegetables and fruits are bad...the ones that aren't organic. And now even those are iffy. I read an article where a farmer stated that no produce is completely "organic" and the pests and diseases on produce grown without pesticides can be just as dangerous as produce grown with pesticides.

All I hear/read everyday is how everything is bad bad bad. Makes my head spin. I have no clue what is good anymore. And I really have no clue what is best for me, my family, our future. But everywhere I look are people and articles telling me what I'm doing is wrong....no matter what I do.

So this is how I live my life- moderation. With anything in life, moderation is key. I'm not gonna give up sugar, cause I have a crazy sweet tooth! I'm not gonna give up dairy. I love cheese! I won't give up carbs and gluten cause I cannot live without pasta and bread and crackers! I won't give up friend foods cause they're damn tasty! I won't give up processed foods cause sometimes I need something quick and easy. I won't give up meat because I like it. I won't give up fruit and vegetables, because, duh, they're good for you. But I try not to over do it on any of these things. I don't let my kids eat potato chips every day for snack and we rarely have soda in the house. I don't buy canned soup or Hamburger Helper and instead find recipes for homemade versions. But I do occasionally buy Ramen noodles and boxed macaroni and cheese. It's a cheap and quick lunch. I try very hard to feed my family healthy low calorie meals that are good for them, but it doesn't always happen. We like to go out for pizza every once in a while.

Part of it is a financial thing too. Organic, carb-free, hormone-free, organic-fed, non-processed foods are not cheap. Our paychecks only go so far. I can't afford to double my grocery bill. And some weeks are tighter than others. So I do the best I can and keep the bad stuff to a minimum.


  1. I can totally appreciate your post! There is constant seesawing on foods and healthy eating. You are so right that moderation is key--for the budget and the body!

    1. Yep!! I want to be healthy and all, but in the end, I want to be happy and part of me being happy is enjoying tasty foods!!