Monday, February 8, 2010

Holy Muti-tasking Batman!!

These days, multi-tasking isn't just a skill that is handy to have, it's essential! Unfortunately the world moves fast these days and we seem to have a zillion things on our plates.

I think I have always been good at it....but as every mother knows, you never really perfect it till you have kids. Before that time you really don't have a reason to put on makeup and play Chutes and Ladders at the same time. Or nurse a baby while checking email. I think moms, more than anyone else, are pulled in many directions at once.

For the most part, I think multi-tasking is a good thing, as long as you can still give a decent amount of attention to both things. There is bad multi-tasking driving and texting. That is a HUGE no no.

My husband and I joined a gym almost a month ago. We both take mp3 players to listen to or at least headphones/ear buds so we can watch TV while jogging or using the Elliptical. Works well and makes the time seem to go by faster. I've seen some people reading magazines or newspapers while exercising and I decided to grab a magazine one day to try it. I had trouble with was just too hard to focus on the words while moving around so much. Then the other day, a woman got on a stepper machine next to mine. I couldn't help but notice what she was doing. She got her machine going and set up the way she wanted, then she started up her ipod. THEN she turned on her Kindle. At first I was kinda impressed...exercise, music and a story all at once?? But then I thought some more and wondered how on earth she could possibly give proper attention to the story she was reading. Me personally, I cannot listen to music when I read or write...I know others can though. But tack on the exercise too....I don't know...seemed like a lot going on at once.

I think sometimes we do need to step back and slow down. Enjoy just one activity at a time. Life flashes by so fast...hate to look back and just remember a blur of things.


  1. I am trying! Life seems to be on warp speed mode and I can't seem to figure out how to slow down. Maybe it's just a busy time of year?

  2. Ah yes, it seems that way. :(

    But! You need to tell your readers about your interview at my place!! :0) I've had a few comments, but wondered if you had forgotten! :)

  3. Moms must be the most multi-tasking people in the world, but I think the more I do it, the worse I get at it. And it turns out my kids don't like me multi-tasking. They want it to be all about them. :)

    I agree with reading on the elliptical. It makes my eyes go cross!! I usually can't read with music on either, but I do remember in high school having to read Great Expectations, and my band instrument was broken so I read it during band rehearsals. To this day, Great Expectations and Johnny Comes Marching Home Again are inexplicably intertwined.

  4. I reckon I have almost perfected the art of feeding, burping and settling my 3 month old daughter whilst emailing simultaneously. I can even do this Harlem Globetrotters kind of spin/flick move to get her up onto my shoulder. Only problem is, she has a tendency to wanna lose a little of her formula.

    No keyboard drenching episodes though...


  5. LOL Dean!!!! Yes, even dads have to get the baby multi-tasking thing down!!

    Kristi...I didn't forgot, just could not remember which day in February it was gonna post!! I did post a link for it that will post tomorrow!! THANK SO MUCH!!!!!

  6. LOL Heidi!! I can sometimes read with things going on around me...but it has to be soemthing I am very submerged into....if it's soemthing even remotely boring to me...I am so easily distracted.

  7. P.S. I left you something on my blog.

  8. I was never very good at multi-tasking. When my grandies came to visit, as little ones, I found myself pecking the baby and burpingthe keyboard. To say the least, their mamas were less than impressed. :-)

    Yaya's Changing World

  9. I can read or write with music, if it's music I am VERY familiar with. Billy Idol's last CD really gets those synapses firing, no matter how blocked I feel.... But I'm pretty sure I couldn't concentrate on the page while working out. LOL -- I'd certainly come to bodily harm, even if I could.