Monday, August 9, 2010

Celebrate with me!!!!! Book giveaway!!!

"Celebrate good times...Come On!"

I always love dancing to that Kool n the Gang tune at weddings!

Hello to all my blogging friends!! I am just ecstatic about my book, A Bitch Named Karma, being in print, that I have decided to give one away!!! YAY!!!!!

The are only three things you need to do!!!

First of all, leave me a comment! I love comments!! If you're comfortable, leave your email address too.

Two, be a follower. Only followers can win, sorry!

Three, share the news with everyone you know!!! I will only give the book away if I reach 150 followers by midnight on Friday! So please Tweet it, Blog it, Facebook it! Let me know in your comment what you did and paste the link too. You'll get an extra entry for every place you shared the contest. If for some really bizarre chance I reach 200 followers, I will give away two books!!!

I will post the winner on next Monday's blog and I'll actually email the winner to let them know they won. I know how tough it is to remember every contest and remember to make sure to check back on the day the winner is announced to claim the prize. So I decided to make it easy on you guys and just email the winner.

Thanks and good luck!!!!


  1. Oh wow I am so happy for you!!!!

    I would love to be the lucky winner. I am sure the book is absolutely divine!!!

    I have a give away at my blog going on as well, go check it out!!!

  2. That is awesome news! YAY!

  3. Oooh I want this book!!! I'll be posting on my blog and tweet @kristifaith :)

  4. OH my gosh this is so super fun!!!! I love it!!! So want to win this! Consider you being talked about a lot... only this time, it's all good things :) I'll sidebar you and give you a little blog love tomorrow!!

  5. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you guys!!!!!

  6. I wanna' win a copy! Found the link via Kristi Faith's blog! ;-)

    I'll follow you as soon as I leave this comment. Then, I'll facebook this giveaway (my FB name is Glass Half Full. Gal) I'm not sure if I know how to include a link to a FB post...
    http://www.glasshalffullgal.blogspot, com :-D Good luck with all this!!

  7. I'm following now: Farmer*sWife a/k/a Glass Half Full Gal!

    And, I posted the giveaway on FB today, Wednesday, August 11th!

    FB: @GlassHalfFull :-)

  8. Awesome!! I love celebrating your book success with you :D

    Off to Tweet this, and I'll add it to my sidebar (}

  9. Whee!!!!!! I already bought a Kindle version but I'd love to have a print version, too. Count me in!

  10. Oh my gosh you are 5 away!!! Grr!!! I'm twittering about you now, this is ridiculous!!! I want that book!!!! I was so excited and hoping I win... but now I'm feeling defeated!

  11. You've been given twitter love ;)

  12. Hi there! Jen at Unedited told me to follow you, so I did! Does she get an extra entry for this? Woo hoo!

  13. I posted you up on my sidebar- :) I hope you make your followers

  14. Thanks Jen and Summer!!!!! And thanks to everyone who has stopped by!!!!

  15. I hope I'm not too late?
    I became a follower
    I posted to my blog
    I facebooked
    I tweeted
    BTW: You should put a tweet link on your page so that it can be tweeted anytime.

    elizablest gmail

  16. Thanks Elizabeth!!! I am actually going to extend the contest!! :)

    Thanks for the Twitter advice, but honestly, I'm not sure I even know how to do that :) LOL!

  17. What a novel way to sell books! I'm in the edit stage of my mystery. I just hope I can find a publisher.... Can't wait to read your book!
    I tried to follow but the machine wouldn't let me. Can you be followed on Facebook?

  18. Hmmm...maybe Blogger is having issues right now??? Thanks for stopping by Patricia!! Good luck with your book!

    I do have a Facebook Fan Page: Stephanie Haefner, and I am also on Twitter- StephaniHaefner.

  19. I'm glad you extended it, I missed it the first time around!

    I posted it on twitter.

    No clue if that will pop up as a link or not.

    Congrats on the book release!