Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Getting nervous!

I have like 9 full days til I go to the Long Island Romance Writers annual agent and editor luncheon. A friend told me about this event, and for $60 and a semi-short road trip, it seemed like an awesome opportunity. Basically, it's a casual luncheon where beforehand, writers mingle with agents and editors and pitch their books. Fun, right??

Yeah....it should be. But already when I think about it, I'm nervous. I have never been great at small talk. I've never been great at starting a conversation with a perfect stranger. What if I sound like a complete idiot? My book's premise is already kinda far -fetched. Will I be able to talk about it with an agent right in front of me?

And my next question: Will this shindig have a bar? That might help the anxiety.

This luncheon is so important, so I have that in the back of my head too. I need to impress these people!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Museful Monday! Are you a Plotter or Panser??

I used to be a panser...but I think I've reformed! Come read about it today at Museful Monday at Sandra Sookoo's blog, Seeing is Believing! Click here!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday!!!!

I remembered!! (Thanks to my alarm on my cell phone AND my computer already being on.)

Here goes...from my book I just finished! No name yet, but it's done!! I am currently in the editing phase!! I LOVE this paragraph!! LOL!


This was why she was still single. Men were assholes. Pigs. Scum that lived on the assholes of pigs. But it was her own fault this had happened. She should have known. 

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chick Lit Challenge: A Review!

Last night I finished 2 Days 'Til Sundae by Heather Muzik. Click here for the Amazon listing!!

This book pulled me in right away. I had to know if she'd ever get the little dollhouse that she so desperately needed to have! I'm a sentimental person, so I could totally relate to needing to hold on to things from our past. The main character, Cat, sure goes through a lot to get it, and so many hilarious things happen to her along the way! And of course, there's a super hot guy too!!!

I stayed up late last night to finish it, and when it ended with a little bit of a cliffhanger, I right away had to buy the sequel and read the first chapter!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Been MIA...but with good reason!! :)

I've been kinda quiet lately. Even my Twitter and FB presences have been limited. It's all because I've been busy at work!!!!


No, this isn't the first book I've finished, but this one set all kinds of records and goals for me. It was a completely different experience than I've ever had before!

I finished and perfected my last book the middle to end of March, and spent about two weeks sending it out to every agent I knew of. I knew I wanted to start a new book right away, but I decided to approach it differently.

First of all, I decided to plot. I have never been a plotter, other than a very short rough outline, like maybe 2 pages. But I'd heard from other authors who are published with bigger houses that after they sell the first, the editors will buy the next based on just a proposal of a synopsis and first 3 chapters. That got me thinking....I should probably learn how to plot. So I did. I spent a week plotting my newest book. At the end, I had 26 pages of outline...every single scene. Except the very end. I just couldn't plot that out.

So I started writing the book on April 16th.

The second thing I did differently was up my daily word count goal. I used to have a 1000 word daily goal, until I did NaNo. That proved to me I could do more...much more. So I upped my goal to 1500 each day. But because of my crazy outline, many days I wrote WAY more than that because there never was a moment where I stared at the screen wondering what my characters were going to do next. I'd already thought it all out!!

I wrote "The End" yesterday....day 35. I wrote about 80,000 words in 35 days! And in those 35 days, there was only one day I did not write at all: Mother's Day :)

I am so so proud of myself! I made goals and I smashed them. My original goal was to be done by the end of June. But then I started writing, and changed it to the end of May. I finished more than 2 weeks early!!!

And now starts the editing phase, which I am all ready for. I've already gotten some great feedback on the first two chapters and so far, the readers are loving it! YAY!!

I know fast writing is not for everyone and a book written this fast may need a lot of editing. But I am pretty confident in what I wrote....all thanks to my outline. There may be something to this plotting thing after all ;)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Is bad grammar becoming the accepted norm?

I read this post today by the very successful agent, Kristen Nelson (who is on my dream list of agents) about 50 Shades of Gray and what books like it are doing to the publishing industry....basically books that are poorly written, but by some fluke are getting mega attention.

The comment made by the very first person really made me think. (I didn't go on to read many more comments, as I had a feeling I might walk away from this post feeling crabby and I really didn't want to puts myself in a bad mood!)

Anyway, if you don't want to go read it, the commenter basically said that the average reader doesn't care about style and grammar, only editors and agents do.

This really made me start to wonder. Have readers just become used to poorly written books with bad grammar and stories with shallow plot lines?

Part of me says no. I also read recently that readers have become extremely leery of the 99 cent book...they've been burned far too many times. It's only a buck, but still....once you buy 10 or 20 bad 99 cent books, it sure adds up.

As always, this industry just keeps changing and morphing. Where would I be without Twitter to constantly update me??? LOL!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sharing or Bragging?

When does sharing happy news turn into bragging? Is it the way the news is presented? The frequency??

I don't consider myself a bragger. I usually try to keep good news to myself, unless it's people I know truly genuinely want to hear it...like my mom and dad. They always like to hear my good news--about myself, the kids, etc...

But the rest of the world?

I am very active on Twitter and I post on Facebook too. I use them as promotional tools and do often share happy news about my career and my personal life. But I do try not to post more than once. Often I feel as if sharing my good news is rubbing it into the faces of others who may not have what I have. I know how it can feel to hear good news from others and it be a reminder of the things you don't have. And I'm not just talking material things here. For the most part I am able to be genuinely happy for others...but there are some who seem to always share the same news over and over.

So what should you do with a bragger in your life? How can you share your happiness with the world without others thinking you are a bragger?

Monday, May 7, 2012

How was your weekend?

Mine wasn't real great. My son has been running a fever since Thursday afternoon. Up and down, up and up even more. Meds were't helping. Doc said it is most likely a virus. So while we wait it out, I'm obsessively checking his temp...setting my alarm to check him throughout the night since it would spike up so fast. (I don't fool around with fevers. My daughter had a febrile seizure when she was a baby due to a fever that spiked super fast. Too scary to ever want to repeat that!)

So anyway, yeah, my weekend kinda sucked. And my hubby was off. He only gets weekends off every 6 weeks :(

But we did go to my parents' house yesterday for dinner. I figured my son could be feverish at home or at Grandma and Grandpa's. But he was actually doing better--played outside for a while with his sister. There's just something about going to visit my parents and having someone to take care of me for once. My mom cooks dinner and won't ever let me bring anything. She cleans and rarely lets me help....I do clear the table though and that's about all she lets me do. When the kids need something, she jumps up to do it. Though me and my husband try to get to them first...I feel bad...our kids are our responsibility. But i d think she enjoys it. Overall, it's just a nice relaxing afternoon.

So, my weekend did end on a good note and my son is doing better today. Motrin wore off almost 3 hours ago and he's still nice and cool! Fingers crossed!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Chatty Cinco de Mayo!

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Today--all day long-- I'm chatting with a bunch of other romance authors for this fun-filled event!!! Come stop by!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's all about balance

I think balance is the thing many people struggled with, especially women. Society expects women to be the caretakers of the family and home. But in today's world, women usually have to also hold a job, whether it be outside the home, or like the lucky ones, working from home.

I used to work full time out in the world. But when we had our first child, I left that job to pursue my other career goals- a home-based floral business. Plus, I wanted to be home with our children. It was the best of both worlds. In the 9 years since leaving my 9-6 day job, I have changed careers, but my new one still allows me to stay home.

I'm working real hard toward a career as a novelist. I'm on my way, but it is a slow process. And logically, the more time I spend working/writing, the faster I will get there. The more books I write, the more books I can get out into the world, and therefore, make money. BUT...am I willing to spend every waking moment at my computer, sacrificing time with my family and friends?? The answer is no.

During the day I do what I can with my time....trying to work as efficiently as possible. There are days I stay on my computer after my daughter comes home from school...hubby will sometimes make dinner. But the evenings are for my family. We do what we need to do. I help with homework, bathe kids, go to extra curricular activities, read with my kids. Then once they're down for the night, it's time for me and hubby to have some relaxation together. It may sound stupid, but we really enjoy watching tv together. We love to laugh together and predict who will win on Chopped.

My husband doesn't work a normal job...he works most weekends. So his "weekend" is often a Tuesday and Wednesday or a Thursday and Friday. If we need to run errands or we just want to spend the day together, I have to also "take a day off". And weekends...even though my hubby is working, most of the world is not. Many times we have things to do on weekends and that takes me away from my writing.

Don't get me wrong...I make good use of my time. I didn't write 37,000 words in 15 days by slacking off. But I will not sacrifice time with my family to further my career. I won't look back at my life when I'm 80 and have regrets.

I'm finding my balance...are you???

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

PARTY with me for Cinco de Mayo!!!

What are you doing on Saturday?????? Me, I'll be partying ALL DAY with a bunch of other fab romance writers!!!

There will lots of fun and GREAT prizes!!! Do not miss it!!!