Friday, July 29, 2011

Am I the only one who thinks this is completely unnecessary??

I don't get all.

I know germs are a big concern these days. I try not to be psycho about it and I wash my hands often and cough into my elbow. I teach my kids the same. But if food falls on the floor, I still eat it. I even recently let my son eat mini marshmallows that had fallen onto the grass at the park. Living on the edge, I know.

I know there are many people who have no choice but to watch the germs...weakened immune systems. And these days with allergies and such...what's on our hands is a big concern. I do understand. But my rant today seems valid even with that in mind.

These automatic soap dispensers for your home. Or even the ones in public bathrooms.

Let's just say the soap pump is a breeding ground for every germ imaginable. It's layered with them, sexing and partying it up, just waiting to get inside some unsuspecting human's body to really grow and live it up. Say these germs get on your hand and they're loving it. It's finally their turn!!!

But then you turn on the water, lather, wash for 30 seconds, and kill the little bastards.

So what is the point of an automatic soap dispenser?

I personally think these companies are preying on society's insecurities and creating fear where there needn't be. Some people see these devices and think, "Oh My God!! Soap dispensers are DISGUSTING! If I touch it I will have GERMS all over my hands! I NEED this dispenser for my house!"

And how dirty are our homes anyway?? Mine isn't spotless, but still, I keep it relatively clean. I even clean the top of the liquid soap dispenser on gets kinda dirty. But I'm not doing it because I'm worried. It just looks ugly.

I really don't mean to offend anyone. If there really is a legitimate reason for an automatic soap dispenser, please enlighten me!

And PS..I have used the Lysol brand dispenser at a friend's home and it gave me way too much soap.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dealing with Pain

Everyone has to deal with pain. It may not be the same exact pain, but everyone has it, emotional or physical. Pain is pain and sometimes it can really debilitate us.

But I think you can get a true sense of a person by the way they handle their pain. Are they the kind who every time you casually ask "How are you?" they reply with a list of ailments? Or are they they kind who hold everything in?

I am in pain today...physical pain. I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease almost a year ago, which sounds waaaaaay worse than it really is. Basically it's arthritis in my low back. There's nothing that can be done for it. I just have to manage it. I do my stretches and use my heating pad when I have issues. I used to see a chiropractor, but realized it wasn't really helping. I have never been a complainer. When I am in pain, I tend to just keep to myself. Usually no one knows I'm having issues unless I need to do something and I can' I have to reveal that my back is bothering me that day. Like today. I know why it's bothering me. I didn't do my stretches for a few days and then went to Zumba yesterday.

I have my fair share of emotional pain, too. Nothing stings more than a rejection, especially one that you were really hoping would work out. And yes, I have thrown myself pity parties, insisting I am an awful writer. But that usually lasts a day and then I am rejuvenated....ready to do what I need to do to get where I want to get.

So how do you handle pain? Does everyone and their mother know about it, or do you keep it inside. Does pain send you into a dark dreary pit or does it entice you to work harder to get what you want?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ever go on a retreat...all by yourself???

About a month ago..I was having a really stressful day. I'm not getting enough time to write and I am constantly battling what I want to do versus what I should do- and those things change from day to day...whatever I do, I feel like I should be doing something else. Add in household chores and spending time with my kids. It's the battle all writing/working moms deal with on a daily basis.

And then my hubby suggested something we had talked about a while just going and getting a hotel room for a couple days. All alone. No distractions. Just me and my writing. Sounds like writer's heaven, huh????

And a hotel turned into a Bed and Breakfast. Luckily there are many within a 2 hour drive from my house (my max. driving distance). But the selection decreased when I put a monetary limit on it. But still, I had plenty to choose from and a B&B would be far more relaxing than a hotel room and would include a great meal.

So I booked a two-night stay at Marienthal B&B...check it is really awesome!!

I am really looking forward to it. Part of me does feel guilty. But sometimes we really have to do things for ourselves. Plus, the kids have really been missing their dad lately...he's been working a lot of overtime.

Have you ever gone away, just you, for some rest...or just some alone time?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Borders is closing....what are you gonna do?

The publishing world is all up in arms because one of the major booksellers, Borders, is closing. We knew this was coming. They closed a bunch of stores a while back.

Is this the beginning of the end? Will Barnes and Noble and all the other brick and mortars close up soon too???

No one knows for sure. But what I do know for sure is that I am going to keep doing what I'm doing and getting my name and my books out there. That's all I can do.

Obviously, it was not profitable for Borders to remain open. If they'd been selling books...they wouldn't be closing now.

Yes, it is sad. And many look at this as writers and publishers losing tons of sales. I just don't see it that way. People will go to other stores. And even if every single bookstore on the planet closed right now, would people stop reading books?? No! They'd just buy them online, whether they still opt for paper or go digital.

Are we losing the browsing buyer..I guess, in a way. But they are not going to stop reading either. They will just have to "browse" some other way...isn't that what Goodreads is all about?

And let's talk a minute about the avid readers who do not own computers and do not go online, the reader who likes to browse the bookstores and take home the ones that appeal to them. an author, I am going to do my best to reach them too, whether it be by library talks and book signings, ads in magazines, radio, local tv..... And don't they say word of mouth is your best advertisement? If I write the best book possible and people like it, people will talk about it and the non-internet readers will find out about it.

Borders closing is not the end of the world. But it is a reminder that the publishing world is changing very quickly and we absolutely need to prepare ourselves for more closings like this.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Renewed Energy

I don't feel like a slacker, by any means. But I always feel like I never get enough time to do what I need/want to do. I know I'm not alone in this. Many writers are also moms and have jobs outside the home, which I do not. I know I am very lucky with the time that I do get.

I read this article on the Dear Author blog, an interview with Maya Banks. You MUST read it. Very inspiring and motivating interview.

It really kicked my butt into gear. I am not writing enough. I am not spending enough time working toward my goals. I'm not sure how, but I will find more time to write. Even if it means less time for things like Blogging (I may only post 2-3 times a week vs. the 4-5 that I was). I try to read other blogs as much as I can, but I may have to cut that too. I haven't been reading much this summer and it seems as if Bloggers are not posting as much anyway. I have been spending most of my social networing time on if you wanns check out what's going on with me on a daily basis, come follow me!!/StephaniHaefner

Friday, July 15, 2011

Flash Fiction Blogfest!!

Today's post contains adult material, suitable only for those 18 and over!

Today I am participating in Ali Cross's fabulous Independence Day Flash Fiction Blogfest!!

The rules are deliciously simple. Sign up below, and on July 15th, post an original piece of flash fiction, 250 words or less along this theme:

"It's Independence Day and something unexpected happens . . ."
Here is my entry, a scene from my work in progress titled Pretty in Plastic. Warning: It's spicy!
“Where is he?” Bobi asked.
“I think he’s in exam room two.”
She stood. “As soon as he comes out, tell him I need to see him immediately. I’ll be in his office.”
She strode to the back corner, closed the door behind her, and stripped off every stitch of clothing. She may have scared him off that morning, but she sure as hell was going to reel him back. What was the point of having this body if she didn’t use it to her full advantage?
She sat on his ergonomic leather desk chair, legs spread with one hooked over the arm of the chair. Hope it won’t be long.
The door opened. “Bobi, make it quick, I…”
His eyes zeroed in on her, widening with shock, and he pushed the door closed. She stood and walked around the desk, pressing her body to his and a kiss to his mouth. Without a word she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his grey dress pants. He was already hard. That was a good sign. She knelt and took him into her mouth, his hands massaging her scalp.
In one swift move, he lifted her up and turned her around, entering her from behind. This was supposed to be all about him, but she wasn’t going to stop him from pleasuring her if that’s what he wanted. And if that hadn’t been enough, he reached his hand around to fondle her. It wasn’t going to take much. With a few more thrusts, he was quietly moaning in her ear as she held in her euphoric outburst. Couldn’t have the rest of the office hearing what they were doing.
Bobi turned and kissed him. “How was that?”
“Fucking great,” he replied through labored breaths.
Here is the list of participants!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Warning...This Blog May Contain Explicit Material

Well, I had to do it. I have been debating for a while on adding the adult content warning to my blog. Just to cover my butt. I rarely post anything explicit...but I guess my cover for A Bitch Named Karma is kinda racy...and well...the title is too.

But now I have plans to post something pretty sexy, so that made my decision definite. (Check back on Friday!!)

Do you have an warning on your blog?? Why? Is it a pain to have it on my blog?? Does it deter readers from continuing?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I was inspired to write this post by a friend's post on the same topic and her hatred for them.

I wholeheartedly agree on one point she is SUPER rude for people to be on them at parties, get-togethers, etc...and checking their Facebook, email, etc, while the are mid conversation with someone live and in person.

But I think smartphones are fantastic little pieces of technology.

As a person who needs to network and promote themselves for their career, my smartphone allows me the ability to connect with people when I am away from my computer. It makes my life easier to be able to jump on my phone and post on Twitter at 9 pm and reply to other people's tweets when I would normally not be on the computer. I can check my email whenever I want and not need to wait to boot up my laptop. In about a minute I can check my email and reply to any pertinent ones, whether I'm at home getting ready to jump in bed, or at the dance studio waiting for my daughter.

The world is changing and things like smartphones are just a part of that. If you go into a cell phone store these days, you're lucky if they have 3 non smartphones to choose from. I wish they did have more of a selection for people who just do not need internet on their my hubby or my parents.

But the problem with today's society isn't's the rudeness of the people using them. I personally have vowed never to pull mine out while mi-conversation with someone. But if I am on vacation and in a moment of downtime while I'm just at Disney World when I reserve my parade viewing spot forty-five minutes early......yeah, I might post a Facebook staus.

Monday, July 11, 2011

And the HUGE FABULOUS MAGNIFICENT winners are....

I have TWO winners to announce today!!!!!

FIRST, I will announce the winner for the Skyrockets in Flight Blog Hop!!! HUGE thanks to all who stopped by and all my new followers!! Thank you so so much!!!!! The the randomly drawn winner (by of a digital copy of Paradise Cove and a $10 Amazon GC is:

Saii!!! I'll be sending you an email!! :)

And now.......the winner of my fab Grand Prize from my blog tour.... a signed copy of A Bitch Named Karma (US only, sorry) and digital copies of both Paradise Cove and Soap Dreams is.......

Joleene Perry!! I will send you an email!

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and commenting during my first ever blog tour!!! Thanks for all your support!!

And I totally forgot to post this yesterday...I was a guest blogger in Dirty Birdies!! Stop by!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Job vs. Career

Do you have a job or a career?

There is a huge difference between the two, if you ask me. A job is just what you do to make money. It doesn't necessarily make you happy. It pays the bills. A career is also an occupation, but you find fulfillment with it.

I have been very blessed to have had two careers in my lifetime so far...and who knows...maybe there will be more! I started out with a career as a floral designer and when I was no longer happy doing it, I worked toward a career as an author.

And I think women choose careers more with fulfillment in mind than men. As archaic as it is, I think men feel the need to be the provider and choose jobs that make good money and have good benefits even if it doesn't necessarily make them happy. 

What do you think??

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Interview with Lindsay Below!!!

Today I have an awesome interview with fellow Lyrical Press author L.K. Below, aka Lindsay Below! Her newest release is out! Isn't that a sassy cover???

Hi Lindsay!!! So glad you can be here today! Your newest release, Never a Princess, Always a Frog, sounds fantastic! And super sexy! Tell us a little about it! Your inspiration??

The inspiration for this one came in a flash. I thought it would be cute and quirky for a heroine to walk into a Halloween party wearing nothing but green paint. When I started to write the story, that's when the story -- and the series -- really started to blossom. My heroine, Colleen's best friend Hannah stole the stage for me, ensuring it would continue. Her book isn't next (that's Colleen's plus-sized cousin, Amy's story -- Beauty in His Bed), but it will come soon after.

Learn more about
Never a Princess, Always a Frog at Learn more about the series as a whole at

Awesome! Don't think I'd ever be brave enough to walk into a party wearing only paint! That tells us a lot about your character right there! Love a sassy character!

I find that the longer I write, the spicier my scenes get! Have you always wanted to write erotic romance, or did it just kinda happen?

Originally, I wanted to write fantasy (and I still do). But my best friend and biggest supporter in high school read romance. So I started writing romance. And I have to say, I've fallen in love with the genre. The heat levels differ with every story. It all matches the personality and desires of the characters.

It's so easy to be swept away both reading and writing romance!

This is your second release with Lyrical Press, both in the "Shorts" category. Do you like writing this length of story?

I love it, and here's why: I'm a busy person. I often have to sacrifice reading time and don't often lose myself in reading a book for an entire day, even on the weekend. Instead, I read shorter stories. They allow for me to finish in one sitting (since I am loathe to put a book down) and give the satisfying feeling of knowing how the book ends. I look up after reading and still have time to get back to work, which I love. So I write shorter works. I have so many characters vying for my attention, that this also allows me to complete more of their tales. I still write longer books, but much more slowly. Often the idea for a short will broadside me and I'll be swept away with that for a week or two. Same as reading, I get the same journey and satisfaction in less time, which means more stories. I love to visit so many characters.

I agree! Love these short stories and being able to concentrate on only one plot and minimal characters!

Thoughts on digital publishing?

Digital publishing allows me to publish the novellas I love to write. I love having this opportunity. Not to mention, I get to read these shorter stories too! I love digital publishing even though I'm a bibliophile. If a book is in print, chances are, that's the format I'll be purchasing it in, to add to my huge and growing library. But I don't read that many full-length novels these days, so digital grants me my reading fix. :)

I agree!! Before digital publishing, there was not a home for shorter stories!

Where would you like to see your career five years from now?

Five years from now, I'd like to see myself in a position where I can afford to put out one or two books a year. Right now, I'm struggling to launch my career into that place so that later in life, when I have kids, I'll have more time to devote to them. I'd like to see all aspects of my writing flourish. Not only romance, but also fantasy (my first urban fantasy, Stalking Shade, comes out from Lyrical Press, Inc. on October 3rd) and young adult (my first young adult novel, Lurkers comes out in print and ebook later this month). I've got a lot of stories to tell. I hope to wade through a good chunk of them in five years time (as unlikely as that sounds lol). Most of all, I guess I just want my writing to be lucrative and successful. Don't we all?

Sounds a lot like my five year plan! (But I already have kids!) :)

Just for fun:

Favorite vacation spot:
Newfoundland. I'd love to be adventurous, but when it comes down to it, the quiet of the country (Gros Morne Park) is what I love the most.

Favorite snack: Miss Vicky's Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar chips. I can't resist them.

Favorite movie: Changes with my mood. I love fantasy movies, when done well. The Lord of the Rings was fantastic. Just as much as the books.

Did you have a teen idol?
Not particularly lol.

Thanks for having me, Stephanie!!

Thanks so much for being here! Wishing you lots of success! Can't wait t read your book!

BIO: L.K. Below writes romance and speculative fiction. Under her full name, Lindsay Below, she pens young adult novels. Visit her online at or on her blog at

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This totally made my day!!!

Friend of mine from high school posted on my FB wall the other day:

"I finished your book and loved it! What talent! I hope this doesn't sound silly but I'm so proud and happy for you...amazing. I got my sister to use it for her little book club/drinking parties and have 3 friends here in stl reading it. I'm starting your other book tonite....Thanks for writing a great book.....I'm a huge fan!"

Warms my heart and sends fuzzies all through my body!! :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Skyrockets in Flight Blog Hop! Mega Prizes!

This is SUCH an awesome blog hop!! EVERY blog on this hop is giving away a prize!!!!! Click here for a list of participants!

And now for my prize!!!

I debated on what to give away...what do people want???? I decided to give away a digital copy of my book Paradise Cove and a $10 Amazon gift card!!

Since it's all digital, this giveaway is open to everyone all over the world!!

Have fun and good luck!! I will draw a winner randomly!