Monday, October 26, 2015

Tomorrow isn't a guarantee.....

Very often we hear- "Life is short...make the most of it." And I think we all plan to, but responsibilities get in the way. We resort to- "I'll have time later...." But nothing drives home the fact that there isn't always time later like a young person being robbed of their life.

I have always been a Live Life to the Fullest kind of gal. We are always doing fun things with our kids and just hubby and me, with our friends. I want to be 80 and say, "Man, I did a lot of cool stuff!" I don't want to be 80 and have regrets....wondering what I did with my time on earth.

If given the choice between doing housework or doing something fun with my family, fun and family always wins. Dishes can wait. The laundry can pile. If we run out of clean underwear, then we have a problem....but otherwise, we're good!

We're not rolling in dough, but our bills are always paid on time. We spend the rest of our money enjoying life. We just aren't huge savers and we never will be. When given the choice of putting $100 in the bank and saving it, or spending it doing something fun with my kids.....I'm sure you know what wins. We rarely buy our kids "stuff," but we sure spend money on experiences and fun. I know many people need the security of a hefty bank account and I can respect that. But that's not us. We'd rather have a small nest egg and spend the rest on us, doing things we love, with the people we love...making memories.

I have also hear people say, "I want to (fill in the blank) someday." Write a book, learn to play an instrument, travel to a certain place, run a marathon, take an art class..... Why is it always "someday?" Someday might not ever come. If there's something you want to do in your life, then do it. Make it happen!

Because there are so many people who were never given the chance to make things happen for themselves. Because their lives were cut short. Their tomorrow never came. And I guarantee you they are looking down from wherever they are, yelling at you to get off your ass and just do it.

Rest in Peace Emily. Your vibrant light will be missed.....

Friday, October 23, 2015

XOXO Reader Event!!!

I am soooooooo excited about this event!! It's an all day readerfest filled with special guests, sexy fun, surprises, games, and more, all from the comfort of your home!!!!!

I'll be playing a game of Dirty Telephone at 1:30 pm EST. That promises to be hilarious. ;)

Check out this link with details and the event line up!! You won't want to miss this!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Yay! I'm finally doing a reader/author event!!

I'm always looking for new ways to connect with readers and I'm learning that face to face is an awesome way!!

Unfortunately, my city is not very supportive of the romance genre. We get snubbed often. :( Once  I did a local book fair and oh my the looks I got! I was shocked. I never expected that kind of reception from a community that is very supportive of all art forms. I left feeling extremely defeated. I've done other events as well, with the same reactions.

So I knew I needed to look outside my community for romance novel fans. I have friends who did the Lori Foster event earlier this year and said it was fabulous! Registration for that won't open for a couple months yet. I'll have my fingers crossed that I get in. But in the meantime, I signed up to do a reader/author event in Pittsburgh in March! There will be more than 70 romance authors for an all day book fair. Then in the evening, the VIP guests get to attend a fabulous dinner with all the authors! It all sounds so fun! I can't wait!!

If you're in the Pittsburgh area, check it out! Click here!

Have you ever been to a reader/author event? Thoughts?

Thursday, October 8, 2015

So much for relaxing!

I finished book 3 in my lingerie series- ONE SIZE FITS ALL, Penny's story, and got it in to my editor on time! Woo hoo!!!! She emailed me back to confirm and said she was a little behind so she probably wouldn't get me my revision letter until the end of October. Fine by me!! That meant a month off. Which I so desperately needed. (See my last blog post!)

But somehow that month of time...which I'd planning on lounging and relaxing and catching up on some books I wanted to read, etc.... Not happening. My to-do list grew by the day! Which was my own fault. That's what happens when you decide to start a new business! ;)

So how's your life going?? Is it busy and hectic? In a good way? I actually thrive on being busy :)  But I need downtime too.