Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What do you want most for Christmas??

My mom still asks for a gift list. I am 35 years old. I always make one for her though. I know how much they enjoy giving us gifts. (and I do enjoy receiving them too!) I just wish she could give me what I really want this year :)

No one can give it to me. It's something I have to get on my own, but it seems no matter how hard I work, it's just not happening. This year my wish list really only has one thing...the same thing that's been on the list for years: an agent.

I know an agent is not the be all and end all and having one doesn't necessarily guarantee success, but it sure would help.

So what's on your list this year? Is it something someone can physically buy you...or something less tangible?

Where's cousin Eddie when I need go to an agent's house and deliver them to mine with a big red bow wrapped around?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Tis the season!

Today I'm blogging over at Sandra Sookoo's blog, all about Christmas and one of my favorite things!! Come check it out here, and sign up for an awesome giveaway!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Posting in the heat of emotion

We all have done it. We've posted something in the heat of the moment, whether it be anger, hurt, sadness...and come to regret it later.

I like to think I've gotten better about it and have been proud of myself for pulling away from the enter key. There have been times I've read a blog post or Facebook comment, Tweets too, and really wanted to speak my mind or defend myself, but didn't because it wasn't worth the fall out that would come after. But sometimes my fingers still operate faster than my brain. I hate when it happens. And there's little you can do to fix it afterward, other than offer an "I'm sorry" and an explanation of not distancing myself before typing away.

I try not to be a hypocrite, but it happens. I think it happens to everyone now and again. And most times without even realizing it. I'm not perfect. I make mistakes. All I can do is learn from them and try to be a better person in the future.

Been so long...I gotta start from the beginning

I think I can finally get back to my work in progress...that is almost finished. And has been "almost finished" since the middle of October.

It's been a busy couple months in my world. And I hate that I have not been able to finish when I'd originally wanted. The plan was to have this baby done by Halloween and completely edited by Thanksgiving. We left for our trip the week after Thanksgiving. I'd wanted to have it done and even sent out on submission before our plane took off. I hate that I did not fulfill that goal.

This book has been really tough to write. I really don't know why. The last one I outlined (a first for me) and it made the process so easy that I wrote the entire first draft in 35 days. It was a good first draft too! So when I prepared to write this new one, I did another extensive outline and went at it. But it just did not flow this time. And I found myself veering from my outline a whole lot more than in the last book. It's been about 3 months and the thing still needs about 15 K to be finished.

But now that I've been away for it for almost a month, I need to go back to the beginning and read it. All of it. To get my head back into the story and actually remember everything that has happened. I'm hoping I fall in love with these characters again and maybe the ending will flow right out of my fingers tips! Wish me luck!