Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lucky in Love!

Those in love really are the lucky ones, don't you think?? I know there are skeptics out there who doubt true love and soul mates, but until it happens to you, you just can't understand.The flutters and excitement, the gotta-be-together-every-minute phase. The moment you know it isn't just some fling.

I write mainly romantic fiction, but even when my plot doesn't revolve around a man and women's quest for love, the romance always seems to creep in. I just can't help it! I crave the happily ever after for everyone I meet, even if it's characters I made up!

My husband and I will celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary on September 19th and I have decided to honor it by hosting a Lucky in Love Blog Event!!!! 13 has historically been an unlucky number for most, but for us, it's been good! We started dating on a 13th, July 13th, 1995, to be exact ;)

So here are the details:

1: On September 19th, post an excerpt on your blog, sharing your own love story. If you are not currently in a fab relationship, share a past love or share a piece of romantic fiction or a love poem.

2: Post a wedding picture, or any picture you'd like. (I would love to see everyone's wedding photos though!! I heart weddings!!)

3: Post by 10 am EST on the 19th.

4: Giveaways are highly encouraged!! Please try and do some kind of prize. Something romantic would be great!! :) Doesn't have to be significant! (Make sure you state your shipping guidelines on your post...US, Canada, worldwide, etc...)

5: Tweet and Facebook the celebration all day on the 19th!

6: All participants will be entered into a drawing: prize TBA (but it will be awesome!!)

7: Hop around and visit all the other participants!!

Thank so much!!!! Sign up below!

Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Blurbalicious!!!!

No cover art yet, but I have my official blurb for Karma Kameleon!!!!


Karma is back, but this time she’s not completely to blame.

After surviving a heart-wrenching tragedy, Lexi Marshall is determined to find happiness with her wacky, new-age family. Stumbling through her first few months of motherhood, she's achieved the perfect balance living with her son, the love of her life, and her best friend and his lover. But happily-ever-after all under the same roof doesn't last long.

For one thing, Rich doesn’t exactly agree living with everyone is ideal. With their gay/straight double wedding fast approaching, he wants to find a place of their own instead of continuing to sponge off of Marcus and Kevin. But Lexi isn’t ready to give up her easy lifestyle...or the never-ending wisdom of her lifelong best friend, Marcus.

Torn between assured comfort and true happiness, Lexi has to make a choice, and fast. Will she lose everything, or can she trust karma, and have it all?

WARNING: Contains some explicit sexual scenes and strong language.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I'm in such a mood for a road trip!! Do you ever feel that way???

This feeling is rare for me...since I get motion sickness and all. Not the vomiting kind, but headaches and some nausea. Mostly it's only if I start reading in the car...even signs on the side of the road, or turning around too when the kids need something and I have to face backwards and help them.

But sometimes I really do get in the mood to just get in the car and drive and drive for hours!! I am so looking forward to Sunday and our drive to Virginia!

This trip was on the fence for months. Things were in the air with hubby's job transfer. Finally we booked it and he arranged the days off with work. Then the transfer came in and we didn't know what was going to happen. Hubby asked for the days off, since the trip was already planned, and luckily, he was granted them! After a summer filled with wacky work schedules, so many things up in the air, and hubby working mega overtime, we really need to get away and relax.

Today I will start packing and also make some road trip music cds. One will be mellow stuff...our usual traveling music: Hootie and the Blowfish, The will be our favorite dance tracks...yes we dance in our seats while driving!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm too young to have former classmates drop dead...

Writing today's post from a sad place. I recently found out a guy I went to high school with died. Just like that. His wife found him in bed...dead. I have very few details, other than he had blood pressure issues, and he may have been using drugs. He may have had a heart attack. Which makes sense, since another friend died not even a year ago in eerily similar circumstances. And like my other friend, this one has young children as well. It's so sad.

I found out because someone had tagged him in a photo on Facebook. It was a digital scrapbooking kind of thing with his photo and "In Loving Memory" across the top. I saw it and said "What?" I clicked on his page and there I found all kinds of messages of love and condolence. 

Made me wonder what happens to a Facebooker's account if it sits...never again to be logged into. Will it sit there, photos and memories, messages, as a permanent memorial?

As organizer of our class's FB group, I posted a message informing everyone. One woman replied and said he'd just friended her last week. Life really can change in the blink of an eye. Makes me reevaluate everything I do. Should I give up what I'm doing, my personal goals, to spend every waking moment with my kids? My husband can't do that. We need money to pay for our home and food. I need/want to contribute to our finances, too.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Do you believe in bad luck?

I don't know what to believe, but I do know it's not been real great around here the last few months and I'm definitely ready for it to stop.

I shouldn't complain. There hasn't been anything major...just little things that have really made our lives uncomfortable. Mainly it's life just being up in the air with no definitive answers. And I think that is what bothers me most...good or bad, I just need to know so I can go on with my life.

Poor hubby...started his new job today....well...same job, new location. And wouldn't ya know.....he woke at 7 am this morning, then woke me with a few curse words. He starts at 7. The volume on his alarm clock radio somehow got turned way down, so he never heard it. One good thing...the new job is only 9 miles away compared to the old place, 26 miles away.

We're trying to take a trip. Nothing fancy, just the beach for a few days. Booked the trip because the job transfer was up in the air and didn't think it would happen for months. Then BAM! Job transfer came in and screwed it all up. Hubby informed his new bosses of the trip, hoping they will grant him vacation days. Hoping he finds that out today...since we are supposed to leave on Sunday.

And we soooooooo need this. The entire summer has been spent not knowing what was gonna happen and not being able to plan anything in case the transfer came in. Hubby has been working lots of overtime too. The kids miss him. I miss him. We really just need this.

Enough venting...sorry. And I shouldn't even be complaining to begin one is sick or hurt.We don't have any real problems.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Retreat Part 2!

So Day 1 was great! On to day 2.

I set my alarm for 8, just in case. No way was I gonna sleep through the fab breakfast. I got up, dressed, etc...and made it to the dining area by 8:45. Had some tea and then breakfast was brought in. OH MY AMAZING! French-style scrambled eggs with bacon and toast with homemade jam. Fruit with a raspberry sauce and strawberry crepes! I knew I wouldn't need much else the rest of the day! After that I drove to a nearby park with a waterfall. Wow was that relaxing. I wished I would have brought a blanket or soemthing..would have made my seat a little more comfortable. I sat right on the edge of the creek, which was kinda rocky. Stayed there for an hour or so and then went back, where I checked out the cemetery next door. The owner had told us how old it was. 150 year-old gravestones always intrigue me. I hoped for a bench or something where I could sit and write, but no luck. I sat in the gazebo for a while. Around 12:30 I headed inside, back to my comfy parlor spot and stayed there til 5:30, again, stopping only for delectable baked goods. Went and got changed. A friend was meeting me at 6:30 to go to dinner. I got back around 9:30 ish, showered, and then wrote some more.

Day 2 word count: 4981

Day 3 I knew would be short. I had to be home for hubby to leave for work...he had to work second I had to be home by 2.  I was up early, and in my parlor chair by 8 am. Wrote or an hour then left my laptop while I had breakfast- blueberry cottage cheese pancakes! With that some locally made organic sausage and fruit. Oh and red velvet chocolate tea OMG! I went back to my spot around 10 ish and by 11, check out time, I had shut down for the day. Met hubby and kids for lunch at Moe's.

Day 3 word count: 1813

Grand total for my entire retreat: 10,271

If you ever get the chance to do something like this, TAKE IT! I would seriously do it once a month if I could!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All Alone: My Writer's Reteat in Heaven!

Last week I spent two nights in heaven!

One of my biggest complaints in life, as I'm sure is the same as many people, is never having enough time...for anything, really. But mostly for my writing. Months ago I told my husband that some day I just wanted to go to a hotel for a few days for peace, quiet, and a place to write without interruption. On a particularly stressful day about a month ago, my hubby brought the idea up again and gave me his blessing to actually do it. I searched and researched and decided to check out some Bed and Breakfasts We have plenty within a 2 hour radius of our house- wine country, ski country, etc.. Then I could have more than just a plain old room.

I chose one about 45 minutes away. It used to be the rectory for the church next door, which they also own and are converting into a spa and dining area for the inn. Gorgeous place. So serene. I knew the second I pulled up I was in for exactly what I had wanted.

Before going, I wondered what I should make my word count goal. I needed to have some kind of goal. It had to be attainable though. I went with 10,000. My normal daily goal is 1,000, so 10 times that seemed doable with zero interruptions or responsibilities.

Day 1 started with leaving my house around 12:30. I drove to the inn first, then drove into the small town nearby (it was kind of in the middle of nowhere). I had some lunch at my favorite chain coffee shop, Tim Horton's, and then got to work. Check in at the inn wasn't til 4. So I sat there from 2-4 writing in my notepad. I left, checked into the inn, checked the place out, and finally sat back down to write around 5 or so. I found an awesome chair in the parlor near a nice large window, surrounded by antique furniture. So amazing!! Worked there until 9:30, stopping only a couple times to snack on fruits and pastries homemade by the owner, and then later on to chat with the owner's husband and some of the guests who had checked in. I showered and wrote some more in my room before turning in around midnight.

Day 1 word count total: 3477

Check back tomorrow for the rest of my trip!

Monday, August 8, 2011

What do you do when what you think is good, isn't?

Since I started writing, I have learned A LOT. And that doesn't even remotely describe how far I have come. Like a billion miles...seriously. I occasionally pull open that first manuscript and cringe, wondering how in the world I ever thought I could do this.

But here I am, about 5-6 years later (I honestly do not remember exactly when I started that first story) and I know I can do it. I have done it. And I continue to grow and learn and get better.

But then I have a days like yesterday and today.... Feedback from fellow writes makes me question whether or not I have a clue.

I really liked what I had. My gut told me it was awesome.

There is so much conflicting writing advice out there and it can be so so confusing. The best advice is to go with your gut...but what if your gut doesn't have a clue? What if your gut thought what you did was fab? Now what?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The awesome, magificent, fabulous....

Sondrae Bennett is on my blog today!!!! She is a fellow Lyrical Press author with awesome romantic paranormal  stories! Her newest release, Chasing Paradise, is now out, part two in the Alpine Woods Shifters Series!

Take it away, Sondrae!

As both readers and writers, we know the power of words. They can be used to wound an opponent as sharp as any sword, or to fill a friend with hope or happiness. Coaches use them before big games to infuse their teams with the strength to win. But what happens when words are used carelessly. What happens when these powerful weapons are thrown out heedlessly and hit someone who wasn’t supposed to be in range?

That’s exactly what my hero, Ethan, learns in Chasing Paradise. He denies his mate, Gwen, unaware that she is standing just beyond the door and hears every word. When she runs, it’s up to him to not only find her, but win her back. And this time, it will take more than words.

He’ll do whatever it takes to earn back her trust.

A vacation is exactly what Ethan needs to escape the mate hungry females in his pack. Determined to have fun, he can’t think of a better way to start than sampling all the different flavors the shifter only resort has to offer, and not the food variety. But after he meets Gwen, no one else holds any interest for him. Ethan came on vacation to avoid mating. There’s no way he’s going to give up his freedom without a fight.

Gwen is devastated when she hears her mate denying everything they are to each other. She can’t sit by, watching him fool around with other girls at the resort. Or worse, crawl back, unable to resist the mating pull but not really wanting her. She needs to get away and her own vacation sounds like the perfect plan. But she should have remembered what her mother always taught her, never run from a predator unless you want them to chase you. The hunt is on…

WARNING: This title contains explicit sex

When she stopped in front of him, her eyes locked on his and he was powerless to look away.

“Hi.” Her gaze shifted to the side as if searching for something to say. “I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself earlier, or thank you for saving me from the wall. I’m Gwen.”

She thrust out her hand to shake his, and Ethan stared at it. How would she react if he pulled her into his arms and ravaged those beautiful lips like he wanted to? Instead, he gave her a smile and shook hands.

“Actually, you did manage to thank me.” Utterly charming him in the process, too.  The blush that stole over her cheeks only endeared her to him more. “I’m Ethan. Can I buy you a drink, Gwen?”

Her gaze drifted to the open doors behind him. “I probably shouldn’t. I try not to mingle with guests.” She continued to stare into the bar before glancing back at him, her doe-like eyes hiding nothing. She wanted to stay with him and was fighting an internal battle with her conscience. It would be easy to tip the scales in his favor.

With any other woman, he’d swing his arm around her shoulders, and guide her toward the bar with a charming smile. Instead, using his intuition as his guide, he cupped her cheek with his hand. Her eyes closed as she nuzzled her face against him but flew open moments later as he drew her closer. His other hand slipped around her waist as he tilted her chin up, aligning her lips with his.

As soon as his lips brushed against hers, his wolf growled low in his chest. Something about this woman captivated him. The need to touch her, taste her, move inside her, was unbearable. Resisting the urge to crush her against him proved difficult and he struggled to keep the kiss light.

Despite his resolution, the feel of her lips parting in silent invitation proved too much for his tightly-strung control. His tongue thrust inside, exploring her mouth as his arms pulled her tighter against him. Her hands closed into fists, pulling at him as if to draw him closer. Breaking away, he gasped for air, need setting him on fire. Gwen rested her head on his shoulder, panting as well.

“What say we skip the drink and go back up to my room?” Ethan suggested, desperate to know her better.

“No.” Her quick reply was so unexpected, it took him a moment to process.

No? He thought they had been on the same page. Her hands were still fisted in his shirt, her body a comfortable weight in his arms. Everything indicated she had enjoyed the kiss as much as he had. Hell, she’d practically melted against him. What had he done wrong?

The moment he’d met this woman, everyone else had ceased to matter. He wanted her more than he’d ever wanted anything in his life. It devastated him to think she might not feel the same way. Letting her go tonight would be one of the hardest things he’d ever done. If that was what she wanted, he’d find a way to walk away. But it wouldn’t end there. Wolves were persistent when they wanted something and he wanted Gwen. Nothing would stop him from coming back until she was ready for him. He’d win her over eventually. No other outcome was acceptable.

“My room is bigger.”

It took a moment to process the meaning behind her words, but once he did, his soul leapt and he fought the impulse to howl.