Monday, August 30, 2010

Last week of Summer vacation!

I am both really happy and kinda sad at the same time. I am so desperate to get back to a normal daily routine. So done with the "whatever goes" kind of day. Very much looking forward to structure.

But on the other hand, it's almost September and my daughter is going back to school and I feel like the summer has gone by and we didn't do enough.

I keep reminding myself that I am a work at home mom and not a stay at home mom. I still have work to I can't just do whatever I want every day. Besides, most things take money and we just don't have it.

I got a lot done in July...added almost 30,000 words to my manuscript. The plan was to take August to edit the first half of the book- Karma Kameleon, the sequel to A Bitch Named Karma. And that went well...for like the first two weeks. But the last two....didn't do anything at all. Which is fine...maybe I needed to just chill anyway.

So, here we are....week til school starts. Already have some plans for this afternoon. And tomorrow hubby is off, so we have plans for then too.

Hope the rest of your summer goes well!

Friday, August 27, 2010

I want reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so so desperate for some book reviews of A Bitch Named Karma!!!

My publisher, Lyrical Press, Inc, sent my book out to several review sites, but so far, only one of those has actually posted a review. (A fabulous review, BTW! Check my Reviews Page to read it and a review from a friend of a friend!!) And nearly every day, I read on the Lyrical Press yahoo group, that lots of other people's books are getting great reviews!! I want some of that!! I am so so jealous!!

I know they will come in time, but as my problem has always been...I am not fond of waiting!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Hunksday

This week...I'm feeling some pirate love/lust. Most gals automatically think Captain Jack Sparrow and while he is damn sexy...I tend to go for the more romantic me some Will Turner.

Yum....Orlando Bloom:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hollywood has recognized eBooks!

The other night, hubby and I watched "Date Night" with Tina Fey and Steve Carrell. Good movie!! But I was so incredibly impressed that one scene in the movie used a Kindle!!! Yay for Hollywood!!!!

Seems more and more, digital publishing is getting it's props. And this is so wonderful!!! With every passing nod, eBooks are gaining more and more recognition and support. It is being brought in front of people more and like in the movie, showing that regular everyday people are using the technology. In the movie, the Kindle belonged to a cab driver.

Digital publishing is here to stay, regardless of what some people may think. :)

Monday, August 23, 2010


HUGE thanks so everyone who entered my giveaway for a signed copy of A Bitch Named Karma!!! Yay!! Thanks so much for passing on my info and helping me reach 150 followers!! (151 to be exact!)

So here we go......

With the help of














Summer at My Inner Fairy!!!! Congrats Summer!!!!!! I hope you enjoy the book!!!!! I need you mailing email me if I don't email you first! :)

If anyone else would like to read A Bitch Named Karma, please stop by Lyrical Press's website!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Character Blogfest, part 2! The Reveal!

When I started writing A Bitch Named Karma, I didn't really have a face for my main character, Lexi Marshall. She was sassy and could be a total bitch, but she was also vulnerable and just wanted to be loved. I knew her physical descriptions, but still had no face to go with them.

Then one day it just clicked. I am an avid All My Children fan...been so for almost 2 decades. And one of my alltime favorite characters is Greenlee Smythe, played by Rebecca Budig. She has everything- stylish and sexy, sweet big brown eyes, but has no problem playing a mean and nasty bitch.

She would be the perfect Lexi Marshall!!

Wanna win a signed copy of the book that stars Rebecca Budig???? Click here to enter my A Bitch Named Karma giveaway contest!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guess the Character Blogfest!!!!

This is such a cool blogfest and I am so excited to be participating!!! My new bloggy friend Jen at Unedited is hosting please please please check her out!!!

So..for this blogfest, I have to give you guys a little excerpt about my character- something to give you an idea of their voice and personality. And then tomorrow, I will post a photo of what my character actually looks like!

Here is a scene from A Bitch Named Karma! Enjoy!

Later that morning, the elevator door opened to the offices of Smith & Roland, people sprinting around, every one with armloads of papers and boxes. The place normally resembled the theater a few blocks down that only showed nature documentaries—quiet and boring with most of the audience half asleep. Something was definitely up.

Val's office looked like a battle had just taken place. I stepped around cardboard boxes as she popped up from behind her desk.

“What's going on?” I asked.

“Oh, Lexi. Everything is a mess! I don't even know how to tell you this. You better sit down.” Her gravity-defying hair looked a bit more frizzed out than normal. “I'm not gonna be your editor anymore.”

“That's ridiculous.”

She sighed and sat in her chair. “It's true.”

“I don't believe it.”

“Here, look.” Val brought up the email sent to her the afternoon before, from Mr. Smith's secretary no less. A short and simple “Please clear out your office within twenty-four hours and report to Human Resources for your new job assignment.”

After reading the single line of text that so swiftly changed Val's career, I wanted to scream and cry and throw myself on the ground in a toddler-esque tantrum yelling, “No! No! No!”

“Your last royalty check—it wasn't a mistake,” she said and looked to me with glossy eyes. “Your book sales have dropped. So have some of my other authors. They say it's all my fault.”

She stood and began placing some things in a box as she told me about her replacement—an outsider. This supposed miracle-worker of an editor had been lured away from another publishing house. Mr. Smith and Mr. Roland needed to make some major changes for the good of the company and hoped the big bucks they threw at this new woman would save it.

“She's here already,” Val said, stifling her tears. “You're meeting with her today in her temporary office. As soon as I'm cleared out, she'll be moving in here.”

My relationship with Val far surpassed the editor-author marriage. We were also friends. She'd established my career and walked me through my first publishing experience. She'd given me my first big break and now she was my rock. How the hell would I do any of this without her?

As she reached to pull one of her photos off the wall, she broke down crying. I did the only thing I could think of.

“These assholes can't fuck you over like this! This is unacceptable! If they don't give you your job back, I'll walk!”

“Lexi, no. They mean business. For the sake of your career, you need to stay put.”
Our eyes met. She was serious. I'd trusted Val on every aspect of my career in the past, no questions asked, and had no reason to doubt her advice now.

“Fine. I'll meet with her. But if I don't like her, she can go to hell. They all can.”

I walked down the hall confident as my Manolo Blahniks click-clacked on the marble, ready to raise some hell. A hand-written sign had been plastered to the door: Sheila Brown— Editor. The scent of a black Sharpie wafted into my nostrils as I pounded on the door. I heard a screechy “Come in” and found a middle-aged woman sitting behind the desk.

She flipped through a manuscript and didn't look up when I strode through the door.

“Sit, Ms. Marshall.”

“I didn't tell you who I am.” I wanted to show off my tough side.

“I already know,” she said and finally looked up at me. A fluorescent shade of pink lipstick decorated her lips, doing nothing to improve her ghastly pale skin and salt-and-pepper bob. “I've read all your books, including the latest.”

“Oh, I see.”

She was well prepared for only being on the job one day.

“Marisol Takes Manhattan, your newest and first in a series.” She paused to push her glasses up on her nose, and I awaited her praise. “It absolutely sucks.”

Feeling like a vacuum had sucked all the air out of my lungs, I struggled for oxygen. Everything around me went gray and the words “absolutely sucks” echoed in my brain over and over. I'd slaved over this book for the better part of six months, making every sentence perfect.

A shrill laugh blared into my ears. It sounded familiar. I couldn't place it, but knew it didn't come from Sheila. She sat emotionless.

“What do you mean? Are you sure you read the whole thing?”

“Yes, every boring, plotless, cliché-filled word.”

The room started to spin and a tingle radiated throughout my legs. Fearful that I might black out, I moved a box of office supplies from a chair and sat down. I breathed slowly and deeply, staring at her, wondering if I‟d heard her right. How could she possibly say that? I was Lexi Marshall—a multi-published author. Women adored my books. They devoured them. This malicious statement insulted every fiber of my being.

My temperature began to rise as bewilderment changed to anger. Ms. Editor handed me my disc, then ripped some sheets from a legal pad and shoved those at me, too. They were filled top to bottom with chicken scratch.

“I made notes for you. Revise and have it back to me in two weeks.”

Finally finding the confidence and attitude I‟d possessed before entering her office, I asked, “And what if I refuse?”

“Then you can try and sell your garbage to another publisher.”

And if you want to find out what happens next, stop by this post and enter my contest for a signed copy of A Bitch Named Karma!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Hunksday!!

Yes, we're a day early this week....but I am participating in a really fun blogfest definitely stop back!!!

Last week I gave a Soap hunk, but I can't go on without showing off my most favorite Soap Opera Star! He's another 40+ hottie, which only goes to show....age is sometimes just a number!

And I have to admit, when they announced him as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, I actually jumped out of my seat and screamed with glee!

I present, Cameron Mathison:

And I have to add these last two...yes..that is me...ON HIS LAP..with my hand on his arm and his arms around me! When he pulled me onto his lap..he told me I smelled good! SWOON! Last is me and my friend who went with me to the meet n greet at the mall. (This is 10 years ago though, July 2000. He's aged a bit since then, but haven't we all????)

He had to bend in this last one...he's so tall!

And make sure you stop by and enter my giveaway!!!!! You don;t want to miss it!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My favorite things! Part 2

If you missed my post yesterday, make sure you check it out!! Here are more of what makes me, me!

My favorite TV shows (only the ones currently on, not in reruns!):

How I Met Your Mother

Dancing with the Stars



Desperate Housewives

Some of my favorite foods:

Pasta, in all forms

Cheese, all kinds


Salsa and Chips

Pizza, especially fancy ones

Cake, any flavor, any frosting

And don't forget....the contest is still open to win a signed copy of A Bitch Named Karma!!!!! Share it with the world to gain extra entries!!! Click here for the post!

Monday, August 16, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things! Part 1

Before I announce the winner of a signed copy of A Bitch Named Karma, I thought I'd show my readers a little bit about myself. We all are different, we all love different things. And I think you can tell a lot about a person by the music and movies they like, the places they like to visit, the foods they love to eat!

Here are just a few things that are so me!!! (Had to break it up into more than one stop back tomorrow for more!!)

When I'm not writing, I love to:





Sing Karaoke

When I travel, I like to go to:

Disney World

Anywhere Tropical

On a Cruise

My favorite music:

New Kids on the Block

Lady Gaga

No Doubt

My Favorite Movies:

Dirty Dancing

Gone With The Wind

American Pie, American Pie 2, and American Wedding

And without further ado....the winner is:

No one!!!!! Yet, anyway! :)

I have decided to extend the contest!!! Click here to jump to the post!! I didn't meet the 150 follower mark, so I will extend til this Friday!! So please please please continue to Tweet it, blog about it, shout it from your rooftops!! If I reach 200 followers I will give away an additional copy!!! HUGE thanks to everyone who had shared the contest news so far...I am eternally grateful!!! You guys are the best bloggy friends on earth!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Follow!!

I rarely double post, but I wanted to participate in this Friday Follow!!! Click on the pic to participate and view the list of all the participants!! And while you're there, check out 22 Year-Old Housewife's blog...very cool!!

Welcome to new visitors who are stopping by!!! Please scroll through and read through some of my posts! Or click on my pages and learn a little about me!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Practise makes perfect???

Well, I am officially in editing mode for the first half of Karma Kameleon, the sequel to A Bitch Named Karma. I'm excited to be doing this. I am one of those writers who can just write and write and not edit while in writing mode. I know many writers who have trouble with self editing....and scrutinize every word the second they type it. My process has always been to get the story out and fix it later.

But I wonder if the more I do it, will the "fixing" part get easier? I can tell with every project that my writing gets stronger and tighter. I make far less grammar mistakes as I am constantly re-learning all those rules I learned in elementary school. I've already been through the editing process with a professional editor and I know I have learned so much from her. My hope is that now, it will all be a bit easier..less work will have to be done afterward!

Well, bloggers, today is the last day to sign up for my A Bitch Named Karma giveaway!!!! Get your comments in to qualify!!!! Click here for the post!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Hunksday!!

Here we are- another week, another hunk! :)

This guy came into my life as Leo DuPres on All My Children. And then they went and killed him on me....but they never found his body. Can't tell you how many times I've wished he would come back from the dead...but I know he won't. He's a bigtime movie actor now!!

Not sure how many of you know him by Leo, but you do know him by his real name: Josh Duhamel

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Endings are so so important!

I think it goes without saying that the ending is probably the most important part of a story for the reader. Yes, the first page and first chapter are important too...very important. But nothing ruins a great book, or a movie, like a stupid ending.

There is one movie that always comes to mind when I think of bad endings. I can't help it...I'm a happily ever after kind of gal. And this one didn't end that way...not by a long shot. Ever watch Ladder 49???? Well....the whole movie you knew he was trapped...I believe the movie started with the end, then flashed back and forth to the past and then back to present day. So it was not a surprise. But to end the way it did. I just didn't understand why I was put through all that to have it end that way. It was so sad and usually I am such a sap and bawl my eyes out at stuff like that...but no...not this time. I was livid. I was so mad that they put me through all that and then killed him in the end. I remember trying to go to sleep that night and not being able to...I was still so mad.

So anyway...when it comes to books and movies, I want the ending I expect and want- everyone lives happily ever after. But I also want some surprise to it. I need to think that it won't end that way.

And this is what I sometimes struggle with in my own writing. For the genre I write (contemporary women's fiction and romance) it's a given that it will all end happily. But I want twists and turns for my reader. I want to give them something they didn't quite expect but still satisfies their desire for hearts and butterflies and riding off into the sunset.

I am reading the newest Meg Cabot right now, Insatiable. I am halfway in. And at this point, I really have no clue what so ever what is gonna happen. And I love that feeling...but I also am hopefully that I will get the kind of ending I want. I guess we'll just have to wait and see! ***Adding this in: I did finish it (scheduled this post like a week ago.) Unfortunately, it did not end how I would have liked...though it is left open for a sequel.

And please please please sign up for my contest!! You could be the lucky winner of a signed PRINT copy of A Bitch Named Karma!!!!! Check out the contest here!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vacation is over...back to work!

I took a week off..last week...and did no work. I did not stay off the computer though and I did still check blogs and stuff like that. But I did not work on my current WIP...well...that's a lie. There was one afternoon where the kids were outside playing on the slip n slide...and since that is not an activity I will partake in, I took my notebook out and wrote the next scene.

But this week gave me a nice break and a much needed step away from the story. It's always nice to step back and re-evaluate.

So now that I am back, the plan is to spend the next two weeks editing the first 40,000 words of the story. Luckily, I am one of those people who can write write write and not look back. I know many writers who struggle with self editing...the second they type out a sentence, they scrutinize it and can't move on `til it's just right. I can write it all out and move on without even a read-through. I do need to read over the last page or scene when I come back to the story to remember where I left off.

These two weeks will be spent reading over the first half of my story and checking for typos and grammar errors, but also to make sure the story is going where I want it to and that no small plotline is left in limbo.

I'm kind of excited! I really haven't read over much of this story. Looking forward to going back!

And don't forget!! Sign up for my contest! I'm giving away a signed copy of A Bitch Named Karma!!! Click here for the post!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Celebrate with me!!!!! Book giveaway!!!

"Celebrate good times...Come On!"

I always love dancing to that Kool n the Gang tune at weddings!

Hello to all my blogging friends!! I am just ecstatic about my book, A Bitch Named Karma, being in print, that I have decided to give one away!!! YAY!!!!!

The are only three things you need to do!!!

First of all, leave me a comment! I love comments!! If you're comfortable, leave your email address too.

Two, be a follower. Only followers can win, sorry!

Three, share the news with everyone you know!!! I will only give the book away if I reach 150 followers by midnight on Friday! So please Tweet it, Blog it, Facebook it! Let me know in your comment what you did and paste the link too. You'll get an extra entry for every place you shared the contest. If for some really bizarre chance I reach 200 followers, I will give away two books!!!

I will post the winner on next Monday's blog and I'll actually email the winner to let them know they won. I know how tough it is to remember every contest and remember to make sure to check back on the day the winner is announced to claim the prize. So I decided to make it easy on you guys and just email the winner.

Thanks and good luck!!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

High Drama Blogfest today!!!!!!!!!

I love love love blogfests!!!!! Maybe someday I will actually organize my own!!

Today I am participating in this fun one from DL at Cruising Altitude. This one's all about drama!!! And as a women's fiction/contemporary romance writer...drama is not hard to come by!!

Today I chose a scene from my recently released novel, A Bitch Named Karma. Also available on Amazon.


My hands felt clammy and trembled even more. “Rich, I'm pregnant.”

He stared at me, eyes wide open, mouth trying to form words.

“Oh, wow,” he finally got out. “That was not what I was expecting at all.”

“I know. I was just as shocked myself.”

“When? How? We were careful every time.”

My tears started to fall again. This was going to crush him. “The baby isn't yours. I got pregnant before we even met. I swear I never knew.”

He said nothing as I burst into tears. He held me tight and I cried as hard as I had seventeen years ago. It had been that long since I'd felt such despair or let myself feel any real sadness.

I calmed down and waited for the question I knew he would ask next.

“Have you told Zak yet?”

“It's not Zak's either.”

“Then who?”


“The one night thing?” Rich asked and I nodded my head. “Does he know?”

I nodded again. “At first I wasn't even sure if I was going through with the pregnancy or not. But I decided to keep the baby and Marcus and I are going to raise it together.”

Rich sat quiet and expressionless. It worried me.

“So badly I wanted this baby to be yours. You have to know that.” I brought his hand to my lips, kissing his palm. “I love you, and I need you in my life and the baby's life. Please tell me there's hope for us.”

“I don‟t know,” he said, then stood up. “I just don't know.”

He walked out of the room leaving me to wonder where he was going and what he'd be doing. Would he come back? Would he stand by me? Did he really love me like he said he did?

I lay on the bed a crying mess, preparing myself for a life without Rich. Visions flashed through my head, a montage set to sappy music. It showcased the things he and I did together as a couple, things I now imagined doing alone or not at all. Would I ever walk through the park and not envision the two of us having a picnic and making out like teenagers? Whenever I passed the Empire State Building, I'd always think of the time he sang quietly in my ear as we slow danced on the outside promenade of the eighty-sixth floor. Playing gin rummy at three AM, fighting for the last spoonful of mint chocolate chip ice cream, watching reruns of seventies sitcoms. These were the simple silly pleasures that Rich introduced me to, the things that made up our life together.

My mind wanted to think positively. He'd just declared his love for me. That had to count for something, right? Maybe he could accept this and we'd live happily ever after.

It was past midnight when I woke to the door opening. I must have cried myself right to sleep. Rich sat down next to me on the bed, the smell of liquor and smoke radiating from his clothing. His face stayed emotionless.

“I can't do this. I'm sorry.”

“I thought you loved me?”

“I do but I can't deal with all this...stuff.”

“Stuff? As in, the kid that's growing inside of me?”

“Um, well, yeah.”

“I thought you were different. I thought you wanted to be with me and support me through anything.”

“It's not even my kid!”

“It's not about that. It's about us and you being a man and being here for me!”

“What do you want from me?”

I looked at him and as much as I did love him, I knew he didn't love me unconditionally and that's what I needed.


Friday, August 6, 2010

When starting a new project....

Do you plan out how long it will be? Just curious.

I follow a ton of writer's blogs and a lot of times I see the little WIP meter on the sidebar. So, it appears that they know when starting a project, how many words it will be once completed.

I usually have a round about number I want to be in. For example, A Bitch Named Karma is rather short, only 72,000 words. I never planned it that way...that's just where the story ended. But I knew when I wrote my next book, Spellbound, that I wanted it to be more of a commercial length- between 85,000 and 90,000. After all the edits and rewrites and such, it's complete at 92,000.

I am now writing a sequel to A Bitch Named Karma and I would like it to be around the same length as the first, because I don't's a sequel and it feels like it should be that way.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Hunksday!!

I have to say, I quite enjoy doing this weekly post. I've never participated in WIP Wednesday for Funny Friday or any of the other weekly scheduled blogging things. But I've found this one to be quite fun!! :)

This week I chose someone who I've had a celeb crush on since his sitcom days. He's a big movie actor now, but I loved him when he was just Berg.

Ladies...Ryan Reynolds.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm officially on vacation!!!!

Though I'm just staying home and doing nothing really, I'm still officially on vacation. We usually go away in the fall, and this year is no exception. Our late fall trip to Disney was booked months ago and we're eagerly awaiting it!!

But yes, even authors need vacations...a week to not work on writing or editing or anything. Summer is going by too fast and my kids are too little to not spend some time with them where they have 100% of me.

I decided if I made it to 40,000 words on my WIP by the end of July (which added close to 30,000 words in the month of July), I'd take the first week of August off. And I did it!! YAY!!

So today I have decided to repost one of my favorite posts since I started my blog!

The first is the day I got my publishing contract form Lyrical Press for A Bitch Named Karma:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm on my way....finally!!!!

I think as a writer...we get used to rejection, almost immune to it...."Another one to add to cork board...." And even email rejection letters...though they can't be saved and used to wallpaper a bathroom, unless you print them anyway, tend to be the same. You check your inbox and see a publisher or agent's name as the sender with a subject of Re: Query. You know what it says before even clicking on it............I did until yesterday that is........................

I was offered a publishing contract!

A few weeks ago as the final last ditch effort for my second novel, A Bitch Named Karma, I started looking into ePublishers. I had been on the traditional merry-go-round with the novel several times. I did a major rewrite with a name change and started again. I'd gotten several partial requests, even a full request...all ending in rejection. I just could not find a home for this story that I loved so much. I started looking into publishing it for free for Amazon's Kindle. But it sounded so confusing and I just wasn't real sure what I was getting myself into. I then started looking into ePublishers. Seemed like a decent way to go so I sent out some submission packets.

Then yesterday I got a response from Lyrical Press! I sat there for a few minutes unsure if I was actually reading what I thought I was reading:

We’re happy to inform you that after reviewing your submission, we’d like to extend a contract for A Bitch Names Karma. Our editors and screeners thoroughly enjoyed this read and we’d love to add it to our catalog.

My husband was outside trying to finish up the last few things on the wooden swing set we bought for our kids. I walked out in my pajamas, regardless that my neighbor was outside playing with his kids, and told him. He climbed down from the playhouse part of the thing and hugged me. We both found tears in our eyes.

I'd done some research on the company and it seems like it's on the up and up. Folks at Absolute Write Water Cooler had good things to say too. Plus, this company has really nice covers...some of the others......tacky is the nicest word I can think of!!!

No fat advance, but I have to say, royalties are really decent for ePublishing! I was kinda surprised....comparable to what I'd make if my book was picked up by a print publisher and sold in books stores.

So, once I have my lawyer take a look at the contract and I sign it and mail it to them, I will officially be on my way to being a published author!!!

Is this real??? This is ME???? So many days I wondered if this would ever ever happen to me......

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ebook Appreciation Week!!!

Hello guys!! I am guest blogging over at Domestically Challenged today! Please stop on over! Shandy is great and she is dedicating an entire week to ebook awareness!!!! Go Shandy!

And I'm giving away a digital copy of A Bitch Named Karma!!! Wooo Hooo!!!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

My book is in PRINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So...I was leisurely checking, like I often do, to check my ebook ranking for A Bitch Named Karma. But this time when I typed it into the search engine, two listings came up...the ebook and THE PRINT BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!! official release date in December 1st. I thought maybe it was just preorders...but let me complete the order. I wondered if there was some kind of glitch. But apparently, according to my editor at Lyrical, Amazon usually does start selling Lyrical's titles early. My ebook was for sale on Amazon almost 2 months early. She said it is odd for them to do it four months early, but in all honesty...I am so not complaining!! Now everyone who was waiting for print can read it four months earlier! And I can start my print marketing plan earlier ( that means I actually have to get on that now).

So if anyone wants to purchase the print version, click here!