Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I have a good excuse for not posting, I do..really!

I am finally fully recuperated from my whirlwind trip to Hollywood this past weekend. We had a fantastic time and managed to stuff a ton of sight seeing into the day and a half we were there. Even got to see a movie being filmed...sooooo cool!!!

Last Wednesday i was a featured reader at The Screening Room, a local venue that holds a open mic night for poetry and other literary works once a month. It's a very cool place to go..very warm and the people are so supportive. The reading is online to listen too and I feel horrible, now knowing I went almost 10 minutes over my time...eek!! Didn't realize I went that far over!!! I listened to it just now, and I sound pretty good...not nearly as nervous as my previous readings. Hopefully everyone enjoyed it. If you care to have a listen...here it is:


Now I am back and the trip is done...spent so much time the previous two weeks researching and wondering and worrying about this trip. Now I can get back to work. My novelette is finished...but I'd really love to take the last few chapters to my writers group for critique. But that will take time...I can only take one chapter to a meeting. We have time constraints. But I am so darn anxious to send this out!

And I wonder what to work on next. Do I start a new novel??? Do I work on another novelette? I just don't know.


  1. I hope you enjoyed Hollywood! We live near there and try to head up every now and then to do some "tourist" type stuff. It is such an interesting town.

    I feel ya on not knowing what to do next. I became so attached to my characters during my novel, it's actually painful to move on, like leaving an old group of friends behind. And hey, I know these characters. I don't want to deal with a bunch of new ones that will all have their own ideas for plot direction and will say unpredictable things in the midst of their planned dialogue. I'm starting to understand why so many writers do sequels, trilogies, thirteen-book series...

  2. Yes!!! Sometimes I have to remind myself that they are just fictional characters...not people I know in real life!

    And I really enjoyed Hollywood! Had to do all the touristy things...took tons of pics...we lucked out and got to witness both a movie filming on Hollywood Blvd AND a red carpet for a movie premiere! So cool! Hollywood is just a completely different world from where I live...Buffalo, NY area.