About Me

When I was young, I kept a diary. I started when I was 8 or so. I think my first diary, with it's tiny brass lock and key, was a birthday gift. It wasn't something I wrote in real often, but it was there. As my teen years approached, it became my most trusted confidante. I spilled every last detail of my life to her and she was always there to lend a sympathetic ear when I was miserable. And when I'd filled that first book, I bought another, and then another. Maybe this is where my love of writing came from...the desire to pour one's soul onto a blank page.

Bio: A formal floral designer, Stephanie Haefner tossed her floral knife and stem wrap to follow her dream of becoming a published author. Before a ten year career in the floral industry, Stephanie was at a crossroads deciding between Floriculture Merchandising and Journalism as a college major. The floral detour lasted only so long and she once again found desire in creating written word, no longer feeling a connection with roses, gardenias and peonies. She started a true love affair with fiction and can easily lose herself in the worlds she creates.

Always the lover of romantic comedies, love and laughter seem to be ever present in her stories. Stephanie pulls her characters through a range of emotions, the reader hitching along for the roller coaster ride! If she can make someone laugh on one page and cry on another, her story is complete!