Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Are you a home body or a socialite?

It was recently brought up at a girls night function that the older we get, the more we yearn for home and all it's comforts. I suppose I can see that. I can also see how working all day out of the house, dealing with less than pleasant people, and especially this winter, dealing with the elements to get there and back. Who would't crave the warmth and quiet of home?

When I quit my job outside the home, I wondered if I would miss it. Part of me really did, but it was seeing my work family every day that I missed, not the job so much. And when I started working from home, I wondered if I would start to hate my house and feel intense cabin fever. Would I really be able to to do this work-from-home thing and not go insane??

I ended up adoring it. I love the ease of it. I do what I need when I need to. I make appointments whenever I want and adjust my schedule when needed. I wear whatever I want, which is usually yoga pants and comfy long sleeve tees. I can go au natural in the makeup department and just throw my hair in a headband or ponytail.

And the best part of all, now that both my kids are in full day school: COMPLETE SILENCE! I work best in silence. Many writers like music or the TV on as background noise. I can't have it.

So I guess I would say I have become a homebody.....during the day. But I'm a socialite too. I love to go out with friends, do fun things with my family, be out in the world! We're rarely home on weekends. There's always something going on, and if there's not, we usually find something. I love to walk down by the waterfront. After this long hard winter, I can't wait for that.

I guess I am all about balance. I like both! I crave home and I love being away from it. What about you??

Monday, March 24, 2014

Museful Monday!

I'm over at Sandra Sookoo's blog today guest posting about inspiration! Come on over!! Click here!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Is blogging even deader than it was a year ago?

The more and more I talk with other writers, the more and more they seem to agree that blogging is a waste of time. No one reads them anymore. And it takes so much time to write them. That time would be better spent on other networking outlets or just plain old writing.

I occasionally read blogs. But I don't seek them out anymore. If I see an interesting link on Twitter or Facebook, I will click over. But gone are the days when I would sit here and scroll my blogroll and click on all my friend's and colleagues' blogs, read, comment, share, etc...

I remember when blogging was really really fun and everyone was doing it. I made so many friends that way. All the blog hops and events! So fun! I met so many authors and writers, learned soooooo much about the industry. It was an essential tool years ago.

It's sad that things have changed so much, but it's the way of the world. But for me, I feel like I have to keep blogging. This blog serves as my website too. For now. So I don't want people to visit it and see a post from a year ago. I want to keep people updated on me.

So my new goal is to post every Monday. About writing, life, food, any darn thing I want!