Monday, October 22, 2018

Writing again!

I'm back at it!! And it feels great!

The last two years have been rough. 2016 was basically a shit storm for my writing career. The last book in my Classy n Sassy series released in July and I wrote 5 novellas for Kindle Worlds that released throughout the entire year. I fired my agent that summer and my publisher decided not to offer me a new contract. After that I took a step back and figured out whether or not I still wanted to do this, pursue this career... Did I still even have passion for it anymore??

Turns out I did. But it was still very hard to find the motivation to actually write.

Fast forward to Feb 2018. During a burst of "I can do this" energy I registered for the RWA (Romance Writers of America) National Conference that is held every July. The energy faded into "why the hell did I do that?" It's a lot of money to attend the conference and in order to at least make it semi-worthwhile, I needed to pitch a new book. Which meant writing a new book.

I had one started...about 20K in, so I got to work. It was rough....not gonna lie. It was tough to get back into the writing groove. But I did it and finished it just before I left. It's a cute story and I'm proud of it. It has major series potential. I pitched it and it got lots of interest. I sent it off after I returned home and then I waited.... It's the end of October and I'm still waiting..... But that's how this business works.

So in the meantime I had to figure out what to work on next. Should I start book 2 in that series? Or work on something else? I have another book I adore that never went anywhere and I might go indie with it. The sequel to that was calling to that's what I'm doing.

In the last month and a half, I attended a marketing workshop, attended a weekend writing retreat, volunteered to run for my local chapter's board of directors, and signed up to do NaNoWriMo. I feel like I'm on my way back up. I have no clue what will happen in 2019 but I'm excited again. I have motivation and inspiration again.