Thursday, October 19, 2017

Romantic Comedy Spotlight!!

I'm a HUGE fan of romantic comedies. It's what I write and what I love to read and watch. One of my favorites is Something Borrowed!! Love love love the book and the movie!!

***Spoilers ahead! So if you haven't read the book or seen the movie...skip this post!!***

Something Borrowed was the first Emily Giffin book I read and I fell in love with her style immediately. I identified with Rachel right away. I was always a shy girl growing up...still am today. I can see myself letting a bold and outgoing friend steal a guy from me because I was too timid...too go for it myself. How could such a hot guy ever want to be with me? So I very much relate to what she's going through. The pain of seeing the guy she likes/loves with someone else. And having to pretend like everything's fine. Ignore the feelings. 
I loved the secret they shared and their intimate meet ups. I loved watching Rachel finally get the guy of her dreams. And I loved seeing Dex get so jealous! So much funny stuff, too.

Darcy is a complicated person. She obviously loves the spotlight and is the complete opposite of Rachel. She's a selfish person and uses and abuses Rachel in many ways and even though they share a few moments of sincere friendship, in the end, Rachel is just her crutch. The end of the book/movie gives us a glimpse of a more mature Darcy.

Now....I know what most people think when they read this book or watch the movie.....Dex is a cheater. Yeah...he is. And I definitely do not applaud it...but the story is written in such a way that we do understand why he does what he does. Is it wrong? Hell yes! But can we understand why he's doing it?? Again...yes. At least I can. He's a good guy in a tough situation. Sometimes, that's life. Darcy cheats too...and two wrongs don't make a right, but it shows us that these two people are obviously not meant to be together.

Now let's talk about the movie and the casting! I adore Colin Egglesfield! So so hot! I've been a fan since his All My Children days. (Any AMC fans in the house????) I love John Krasinski, too. He's hot in a very different way. I never really watched The Office, so this movie was my first introduction to him. I loved him so much and my heart broke when Rachel didn't return his affections! (But if you've read Something know he finds his HEA!) Ginnifer Goodwin is a great Rachel. She's the girl next door, everyone's BFF. I'm a fan of Kate Hudson and love most of her movies. This was a different role for her...playing a bitch. But she did it well and I hated her just as much in the movie as I did in the book.

And did you guys notice the Emily Giffin cameo in the movie?? So cool!!! If any of my books ever get made into a movie, I am so going to be in it!
So, what do you think about Something Borrowed? Love it or hate it?? Does it make your list of fav rom coms??

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