Monday, January 24, 2011

Top 10 Music Choices Blogfest!

This was way too fun to pass on!!!!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh is hosting this blog today! Please stop by and view the list of participants!! Should find some really awesome music choices!!

So when I sat down to write this post, I realized it was way harder than I anticipated. I mean, only 10 songs, from the entire history of all music??? Is this the 10 songs I'd want with me on a deserted island? I guess that's how I'm gonna treat it! Some selections were easier than others. when I thought of a particular artist, one song stood out. But others...way too many good ones. Very hard to choose. Some of my selections are great, classic songs that I know will be around and loved for years, others, I know what you'll be thinking! I have my guilty pleasures just like everyone, though I rarely hide them. I am quite proud of the music I love!

So here are mine, but there was no way I could rank them in order. So here are my top 10 songs, ever, in no particular order!

The Right Stuff, NKOTB

Dirty Dancing, NKOTB

I never ever hide the fact that I am a huge NKOTB fan! I adored them when I was 12 and never stopped. And when they reunited and started touring again recently, I went to 5 shows between September 08 and June 09, 4 of which were in different states than where I live. And one was across the Canadian border, and one was from a radio contest where we flew cross country to LA! Can't wait for the next show- Pittsburgh in June with BSB!

You Outta Know, Alanis Morisette

Alanis reminds me of college!!!

Creep, Radiohead

Love this song...the music, the lyrics...just awesome.

Glycerine, Bush

Glycerine is probably my most favorite song. Ever see the clip of Bush performing at one of the MTV Spring Breaks in the rain??? OMG!!!! You must click on it!!

Bullet with Butterfly Wings, The Smashing Pumpkins

Love the chorus on this one!

What About Your Friends, TLC

This song always gets me groovin'!!! Love love love it! Me and some friends even dressed as TLC for a costume party. Aren't we cute?

Hella Good, No Doubt

Love the beat! I keep trying to get my dance teacher to use it for our recital routine!

Just a Girl, No Doubt

Such a great song!!

Poker Face, Lady Gaga

Love me some Gaga!! I think this is my fav!

That was really fun!!!! Now, don;t forget to sign up for my Show Me the Love blogfest, happening in a couple weeks!!!! It's sure to be a lot of fun too!


  1. Glycerine is deff one of my all time favs hahah

    along with some Brittany Spears, a little Michael Buble, throw in some Taylor Swift and your starting to get a pretty good taste of my music haha

  2. YOu have such a fun list! I love Lady Gaga and Radiohead too.

  3. Thanks guys!!!!! This was so so fun!!!

  4. Great song pics, Stephanie. I love the TLC costumes. :)

  5. I like Bush and Smashing Pumpkins!
    Thanks for participating.

  6. Alanis through Smashing Pumpkins are in my collection. First mention of No Doubt. Pity. Great band.

  7. he he New Kids On The Block :))))
    Love Lady Gaga, can't wait for her new album this spring!

  8. I can't BELIEVE I didn't put Creep on my list CAN'T BELIEVE IT!
    Also, LOVE that whole Alanis album, takes me back to college, too.
    Happy times...

  9. Holy cow! I didn't put TLC on my list. I love each and every song on here. You have some spectacular taste. I'm going to go and listen to all these right now. :)

  10. Nice list, I love the variation :D TLC is awwwweeesome!

    omg, what about Salt 'n Pepa? There's this amazing live clip (may or may not be the official one) of "Push It". so hilariously good.

    thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  11. oh, and yeah, sP are my fave band...and VS are right up there :)

  12. Great list! We do have similiar tastes... I love Radiohead, Bush and No Doubt, too!

  13. Don't know about the new kids, but you have some good songs other than them.

  14. So many fun songs on this list!! :)

  15. LOL @ Budd...yeah..I figured I'd get that!!!

    Thanks everyone for stopping by!!

  16. Bush, No Doubt, Pumpkins...awesome!

  17. I've heard of all these and even know some of the songs. I really like the music of Radiohead.

    Make sure you check my Wednesday post!
    Tossing It Out

  18. My new favorite list! Let's hear it for NKOTB and No Doubt. Love the picture of you and your friends dressed as TLC!!

  19. Alanis, No Doubt and Gaga = LOVE! Hella Good is one of my favorites - just a great down-and-dirty song ~ :) Love the TLC costumes!

  20. I should of put some Smashing Pumpkins on my list. I think I would of added Landslide.

    Fun list.

  21. Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins, woo hoo!